10 Frequently Asked Questions About Gwinnett Beer Fest

1. Can I bring my dog with me to the festival?

No pets will be allowed inside the stadium.We love your furry and non-furry babies, but you must leave them at home (with a babysitter…or at least a bone or two).


2. If I am not 21 can I still attend the festival and not drink?

No one under the age of 21 will be allowed to attend the festival, even if they’ve been elected as your DD.


3. Can I bring my children with me, or is there something for them to do while I am at the festival?

Children will not be allowed inside the stadium, and there will not be activities outside the gates for their entertainment.


 4. If my friend doesn’t have a ticket, but I need to be picked up can they come in and get me?

The stadium is gated and only ticket-holders may enter.


5. What if I need to take a smoke break?

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas outside of the gate. You may get your hand stamped for re-entry.


6. I have a General Admission ticket,what do I do for parking?

Parking is available for $5 at the stadium for General Admission ticket-holders.


7. I have a VIP ticket, what do I do for Parking?

Parking is free for VIP ticket-holders with proof of VIP ticket in Parking Lot A.


8. Do I need to bring my own glass?

Tasting glasses for unlimited samples will be provided upon entry, 1pm for General Admission and noon for VIP.


9. How does being a Designated Driver work?

Designated Driver ticket-holders will be given bottled water and a DD wristband. If caught drinking, DD ticket-holders will be immediately escorted from the festival grounds.


10. How will they know if I am 21?

All IDs will be checked at the gate. Bags will be searched at the gate as well. Firearms and outside food or beverage is prohibited.

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