2018 Gwinnett Beer Fest VIP Menu

We know drinking all that beer will work up an appetite, so we’ve made sure that our VIP members have a deliciously large amount of food available! Here is our VIP menu for this year’s festival!

Mexican Station

 Build your own Fajitas  

Grilled Chicken, Grilled Flank Steak, Cilantro lime rice, Black Beans, Sautéed peppers and onions, Corn salsa, Pico De Gallo, and Shredded cheddar


Shredded chicken and beef burritos stuffed with rice, beans and cheese

Pork Pastor

  Savory Mexican pork and rice with Bell Peppers and onions


       Beef and chicken


Corn and Black Bean salad

Roasted Corn, Black Beans, Garbanzo Beans, and Roasted Tomatoes tossed in a house made marinade served with Peta chips

Roasted Root vegetables

Red and White Potatoes, Onions, Yams, Beets, and Carrots slow roasted to perfection and tossed in a basil, parsley, and rosemary compound butter


Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Double Chocolate Cake, and Cheesecake


Slider station

 Chicken slider

Crispy golden fried chicken with Swiss cheese and sauted onion

Pulled pork sliders

House smoked pulled pork and Fuji apple slaw piled high on a fresh bun

OG Sliders

Classic slider- all beef patties with cheese and onions

Mushroom sliders  

Sauted mushrooms, onion, and garlic on a fresh bun with a house made tomato compote


House chips

Sweet potato chips


Seasonal Spring Salad

Served with balsamic, ranch, and blue cheese dressing


Carrot Cake, Red Velvet cake, Double Chocolate Cake and Cheesecake

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