8 reasons to go VIP at Gwinnett Beer Fest

Who doesn’t like the idea of flashing their VIP badge and getting sweet perks throughout any event? At Gwinnett Beer Fest, we want to make sure you have the best VIP experience possible and Coolray Field gives us the ultimate perks. But, VIP tickets are very limited, so be sure to get them now before it sells out. Check-out these 8 reasons why going VIP at GBF is better!

1. 1-hour EARLY Entry and FREE parking
The VIP experience allows you to arrive at noon and receive FREE up-close parking (that’s even nicer on your way out too!). Because VIP members gain access to the event an hour before everyone else, that means all the very important beer drinkers get to roam the stadium and try everything before the crowds come in and lines start to form.

2. VIP Upper Level Access
VIP guests at Gwinnett Beer Fest have exclusive access to the second level suite area of the stadium where complimentary food and VIP-only beers are served; and where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the stadium and festivities below from the outdoor balconies and “party decks”.

3. PRIVATE Bathrooms
Consuming alcohol usually means extra trips to the restrooms…and long restroom lines = longer time away from beer samples. Luckily, VIP members receive their own bathrooms on the second level so you don’t have to worry long lines!

4. UNLIMITED Access to ALL areas of the Event
VIP grants access to all areas of the event, including beer tasting and festivities ON THE FIELD.

5. Access to EXCLUSIVE or hard-to-find beers!
You read that right! Some breweries bring seasonal brews that haven’t even hit the market yet or exclusive beers made just for the fest. Stay tuned for the 2018 VIP beer list coming soon.

6. Delicious Food Spread
We know drinking all that beer will work up an appetite, so we’ve made sure that our VIP members have a deliciously large amount of food available! The caterers at Coolray Field always come up with fun menu items to pair with the beers being served. We’re excited to see what they bring to the table for Cinco de Mayo this year. Stay tuned for the 2018 VIP food menu coming soon.

7. Air-Conditioned Suites and the Upper-level Party Deck
Air-conditioning…need we say more? We live in Georgia and are used to the unpredictability of weather. So, it’s nice to know that you can head upstairs inside to grab some food or take your beer out on the party deck to enjoy the live music below.

8. Free Gwinnett Beer Fest T-shirt
Last but certainly not least, each VIP member will receive a 2018 Gwinnett Beer Fest T-shirt as proof that they were at Gwinnett’s biggest Cinco de Mayo party!

We will always have some kind of surprise “extra perk” up in the VIP area. Last year, Rick Tapia, Owner of J.R Revelry served samples of his ultra-smooth craft bourbon for our VIP attendees.

If you’re still on the fence about wanting to go VIP, here are some reviews from past VIP members to help you make up your mind:

“Great food, great beer, and great music! I’m definitely glad I had the VIP ticket, it was well worth it!”

“First time and won’t be the last! I enjoyed the VIP experience as a gift and the whole experience was great…from the food to the people to all the different beers. Keep up the good work!”

“VIP makes it so much better! Catered food and access to some really fantastic reserve beer makes it worth the extra money.”

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